We are a Pvt. Ltd. Corporation founded and incorporated in late 2011 in NOIDA, near Delhi. We began official production in April 2012 with all the cable assembly and wire harnessing relating to power cords for different Indian OEM/ODMs.

S3 ELECTRICALS believes in providing quality products and services to our customers around the world according to their needs, while sticking to business ethics to the utmost possible.

Our current list of customers of our products includes various Indian OEMs like mobile & smartphone manufacturers; EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) providers and Communications & Broadcast equipment manufacturers.

Directors Message

Welcome to the S3 ELECTRICALS website!

I am very glad to share my message over the Internet and hope this website will play an important role in the prosperity of our customers and S3 Electricals.

S3 ELECTRICALS, which specializes in cable assembly and wire harness, wants to grow into a global company that provides its customers with leading solutions and that contributes to society. We also desire to become a company where our employees can achieve their dreams.

We have a management philosophy of ‘Scale, Scope and Stability to Growth’ for our customers and are following a new theme of becoming 'Your Choice Partner for Connectivity to Technology'. We will meet our customers’ needs as a trusted partner and will make every effort to become a leading company in the world. We will secure world-class core technologies and understand changes in the markets and our customer's needs. Through this we will play a role as a global company that has the market knowledge to lead our customers.

We will continue making innovations and changes. We ask for your continued interest in S3 ELECTRICAL and hope you will keep watching our ever changing company.

Managing Director
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S3 ELECTRICALS has serviced more than 100 customers in 3 countries around the world including our latest deal with the largest Dish TV manufacturer in Africa UEC Altech. The industry segment covers electronic systems for Power, Network, Communication and Electrical Appliances.

Our customer base spans top OEMs / ODMs, fortune 500 corporations, leading brands of consumer products and world class manufacturing companies.

Business relations and reliability are further strong points in S3 ELECTRICALS operational policy. S3 ELECTRICALS guarantees optimization of order flow and an experience interchange which is invaluable for the Customer.  These elements actively contribute to developing the prestigious image which the company has created for itself on an increasingly competitive and demanding market, thus justifying customer faith and trust which our knowledgeable customer have in us, globally. For more information, kindly contact us.